Nordting in English - One Night Only

April 28th you can experience NORDTING in English. 

You never really know what will happen when Amund Sjølli Sveen and his comrades enter the stage. Well, one thing we know; he swings his verbal ammunition high and low, left and right.

Nordting is more a public meeting meets standup meets political meeting meets concert meets performance than anything else. Actor, writer, journalist and musician Amund Sjølie Sveen is known for making stage productions aiming directly at the elite; the people with power and money. He also questions the position of art itself in today's society.

So is the case at this unique viewing in English of Nordting on April Friday 28th. This is a one-time-only opportunity to get under the skin of Norwegian society and culture for all those who are not fluent in Norwegian. Get an insider's look at Norwegian politicis, society, culture and behaviour - all presented with a selfless and bigheated chunk of humour and great live music.

Whether you are a student temporarily situated in Tromsø, or you are a tourist visiting the Arctic capital or you have come from some other corner of the world to live here, you are now cordially invited to a rare and wothwhile glipmse of today's Tromsø - with a somewhat skewed perspective.

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