Street Art - provocateaur, changemaker and life saver

Arctic Jam

How does the Arts react when freedom of expression is threatened? And what responsibility do we have?

- The dance saved my life. If I had not danced, I would probably have ended up in a gang. Through dance I got an opportunity to go another way...

(Carlos ‘Gato’ Catun Quintana, Musikkultur #8/2019)
Screening of the documentary ‘BBOY for LIFE’, including ‘Gato’ as a central character in the streets of Guatemala City. 

The documentary is followed by a conversation around the huge risks taken by numerous artists around the globe, the role of the artist in pushing borders and following their artistic goals – no matter what. And not least, the responsibilities for institutions and governments valuing artistic freedom highly.

Time and place
Radisson Blu Hotel in Tromsø on Saturday 21. August 2021. The film starts at 3 PM and the conversation starts at 4 PM. Free entrance.
About the film:
”BBOY for LIFE”, documentary by Nadus Films (2012), is about the breakdancing subculture of Guatemala City and how they're surrounded by overwhelming gang violence. It's a true story that focuses on the individual struggles and wins of dance and gang life in the roughest ghettos of Central America.

  • Kleju, Bboy, singer, Poland
  • Piero Issa, Bboy, Norway/Colombia
  • MaWa , visual artist, Poland
  • Lil Mono, Bboy, Colombia/Spain
  • MGbility, Bboy, rapper, Slovakia 
  • Nicolai Lopez, Lopez Kunst & Produksjoner Norway/Spain
  • Egill Pálsson, theatre director, Hålogaland Teater
  • Carlos ‘Gato’ Catun Quintana, Bboy, Guatemala

Moderator: Jan Lothe Eriksen, general manager, Safemuse
Conversation in English.